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Supervisorial Candidate Elan Carr raises $400K

imageLos Angeles County Supervisorial candidate Elan Carr announces has raised more than $400,000.

Mr. Carr is running in the 5th Supervisorial District which is currently held by Supervisor Michael Antonovich who is term limited in 2016.


Carr Demonstrates Broad Support From All Across LA County


Los Angeles – July 1, 2015 — Criminal gang prosecutor and Iraq war veteran Elan Carr, candidate for Los Angeles County Supervisor, released this morning his campaign’s fundraising results for the first financial reporting period of the race. In less than 4 months since launching his campaign, Carr raised $415,000. Carr also scored several high-profile endorsements, including from California’s largest law enforcement organization, PORAC, which represents over 67,000 peace officers, and renowned radio host Dennis Prager.


Carr’s Chief Strategist, John Thomas, stated, “$415,000 raised in less than four months, and a year in advance of the election, puts Elan on track to reach the fundraising cap of $1.4 million and max-out his campaign war chest well before Election Day in June, 2016. Elan’s strong fundraising results, coupled with his substantial early lead in the polls, demonstrates broad support from the community and compelling electoral strength.


“With robust resources to tell his story as a crime fighter for LA County, Elan is likely to win the Primary in June. Given that this fundraising report comes on the heels of his endorsement by an organization representing 67,000 cops, Elan continues to hit it out of the park at every turn.”


Elan Carr said, “I am so honored and proud of the early support our campaign has received. Such strong support from so many citizens confirms that LA County residents want a Supervisor with first-hand public safety experience and a proven track record of putting dangerous criminals behind bars. As Supervisor, I will work for safer streets, better schools, and the kind of economic opportunities that our children deserve.”

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Elan Carr Announces Candidacy for County Supervisor

imageLos Angeles County Prosecutor Elan Carr announces his candidacy for Los Angeles County Supervisor in the 5th District that covers the Antelope Valley down to portions of the San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena and northern San Gabriel Valley communities.

In 2014, Carr ran for Congress in the 33rd District lost to Democrat candidate Ted Lieu.

The Carr campaign released the first YouTube campaign message about Elan Carr’s plan for public safety entitled “Opportunities”:

Furthermore, The Carr campaign released the following statement:

Criminal gang prosecutor and Iraq war veteran Elan Carr announced this morning his candidacy for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, 5th district.

Last year Elan ran a competitive bid for the Congressional seat vacated by Rep. Henry Waxman (CA-33), finishing first in an 18-way primary contest and besting some of LA’s biggest names in politics. With violent crime on the rise in LA County for the first time in more than a decade, Carr doubled-down on his public safety agenda by focusing on crime prevention, fixing our education system, and strengthening our local economy.

Elan Carr stated, “Crime is on the rise in Los Angeles County. As a criminal gang prosecutor, I see first-hand how rising crime affects our community. We need to do a better job of getting violent criminals off our streets and keeping kids out of crime in the first place. That’s why I’m running for County Supervisor.”

“I’m proud of my record as a prosecutor, but I know that the only real justice is stopping these crimes before they start. That’s why we must invest in our children’s education, provide law enforcement with the modern tools they need to fight crime, stand up for victims of domestic violence, and strengthen our local economy so that everyone has the opportunity to succeed,” concluded Carr.

Carr’s Chief Strategist, John Thomas, added, “As a criminal gang prosecutor and an Iraq war veteran, Elan’s public safety record is unmatched. This race will be a referendum on the future of public safety in LA County. The Carr Campaign looks forward to spreading his message of taking care of kids, expanding economic opportunity, and keeping families safe.”

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