Scott Baugh for Congress: To Be or Not To Be

imageSo much of the hoopla got many OC politicos speculating via phone calls, texts and social media chatter about Scott Baugh’s political ambitions for a Congressional candidacy which caused many to chew over a Friday night meal.

The speculation swirled over as to whether or not Baugh is planning to run for Congress in Orange County’s 48th Congressional District.

But, the 48th CD is currently held by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) who has held the seat since 1988.

Why would Baugh wants to challenge Rohrabacher?

No Republican would mount an incumbent challenge dare much like what Assemblyman Don Wagner (R-Tustin) is doing currently with his State Senate candidacy against State Senator John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa).

Scott Baugh is an attorney who operates his own firm Scott Baugh and Associates based in Newport Beach.  Baugh was an Assemblyman (1995-2000) serving the then-67th Assembly District that stretches mostly northern portion of Orange County coastal communities.  Then, Baugh returned to the political scene by serving as Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County (2004-2014).

It all started with the FEC (Federal Elections Commission) form that Baugh signed.image

The FEC form that Baugh signed at the bottom says:
“I certify that I have examined this statement and to the best of my knowledge and belief it is true, correct and complete.”

It clearly means he is raising funds for 2016 year.

There should be no transfer to 2018 or any future years, because as a candidate he would be disingenuous by misleading his true and intent of raising said funds for the said office in 2016.

Baugh should come clean with his intentions and not mislead the voters and to scare off other potential candidates by being the “First” out of the gate as a candidate to be the elephant in the room.

In this 2016 election season from an angry electorate, it is not the time for potential candidates like Baugh to be cute and coy with their political ambitions.

So, the question remains for Mr. Baugh:

Will you be or not be a candidate for Congress in 2016?

Folks, stay tuned for an answer to that question……


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