Assembly GOP Leader Condemns Donald Trump

KristinOlsenAssembly GOP Leader Kristin Olsen (R-Riverbank) denounces GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump remarks towards immigrants.

Trump has recently made inflammatory statements by asking “Who is doing the raping?”

Macy’s, NBC/Universal, Univison, and even the PGA are distancing and/or severing their relationship with the Billionaire businessman.  Today, Assembly GOP Leader Kristin Olsen joins the chorus by condemning Mr. Trump:

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen, of Modesto, issued the following statement condemning inflammatory language that demeans entire cultures:
“As Americans celebrated our nation’s 239th birthday, we were reminded that what makes our country so exceptional are the contributions of people who come from all around the world to live here—from the earliest settlers to the thousands of people who swore an oath of citizenship on Independence Day.
“Here in the California Assembly, we are proud to have the most diverse Republican Caucus in history that reflects the distinct cultural makeup of California and the nation. To reaffirm that, we have called on Congress to enact immigration reform, and just last week we proudly celebrated Immigrant Heritage Month.
“We call on every person— including politicians and wannabe politicians – to join Californians and embrace and respect immigrants and their contributions to America.”

Editor’s note: The California Assembly Republican Caucus is among the first group of elected Republicans in the nation to denounce television personality Donald Trump’s incendiary rhetoric.

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