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OC GOP Congratulates Sen-Elect John Moorlach

JohnMoorlachThe Republican Party of Orange County sent an e-mail communication congratulating Senator-Elect John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa, District 37) and by inviting the public to attend swearing-in ceremony:

You are invited to attend State Senator Moorlach’s swearing-in ceremony this Sunday, March 22nd at 4 p.m.
The event will be at the Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope, One Hope Drive Tustin, CA 92782.
Our Master of Ceremonies will be former Tustin City Councilman, and the Rescue Mission’s CEO, Jim Palmer.  The invocation will be led by Kindred Community Church Senior Pastor Philip De Courcy.  Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait will lead the pledge of allegiance.  And the Honorable State Senator Bob Huff, California’s State Senate Minority Leader, will officiate the swearing in.  There will be a small reception following the program.  The dress code is Sunday afternoon casual, which means that Reyn Spooner shirts are recommended for the men.
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American Legion California’s Office plans to move from San Francisco to Sanger

CityofSangerAmerican Legion’s California office has been based in San Francisco with a membership of over 80,000 in the Golden State has decided to move their office to Sanger.

Mayor of Sanger Joshua Mitchell expressed his enthusiasm about the American Legion’s California decision move to his town via Facebook:

Sanger had a big win yesterday. A 96 year old Veteran organization who has spent much of that time at their state wide headquarters in San Francisco, CA., has decided effective immediately to move all of their offices to the greatest community around, Sanger CA.
This is one of the greatest events To happen to Sanger in many years. We have been meeting with the American Legion over the course of a couple months on why our schools, our economy, our low crime rate, ourLove of Veterans and our city whose aggressive approach towards moving businesses to our great city is paying off right and left. 

John R. Bart and James Bennett did an amazing job working shoulder to shoulder with us here at the city of Sanger, including David Phillips of the Sanger Chamber and Dan Spears our magician in the economic development dept.

The City of Sanger is 13 miles southeast of Fresno with a population of over 24,000.

The local ABC’s Fresno Station Channel 30 KFSN filed a report: “Valley veterans excited for American Legion California headquarters’ move to Sanger.

For a small California town like Sanger to snatch a longtime service organization headquarters from San Francisco is a big deal.

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Senate Candidate Campaign Signs Theft

Senate candidates John Moorlach and Assemblyman Don Wagner are locked in a tight campaign battle in the 37th Senate District seat.

Recently, Moorlach campaign released a YouTube video of an unnamed individual who is stealing campaign signs from a particular private and public property:

The Moorlach for Senate campaign released this message:

Angry homeowners have been complaining that their “Moorlach for Senate” yard signs have been disappearing from their yards.

Today caught on video is a yet-to-be-identified individual stealing several Moorlach signs from the front yard of a 37th Senate District home.

The Glendora Patch explained in a 2012 article that political sign theft can carry stiff penalties.  The article quotes from Glendora Police Lieutenant:  “Stealing signs is a misdemeanor of petty theft and can carry a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine or imprisonment of up to six months.”

The election is slated for Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

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Closed Captioning of California Legislative Proceedings: Cost Prohibitive

CCCalifornia has a legislative bicameral body known as the Assembly and Senate with capitol in Sacramento.  The legislature’s purpose is to write laws to protect the general welfare of the public and appropriate funds to the executive branch to ensure state government is functioning accordingly.

In the midst of lawmaking, legislators allow the public to view the institution in action through floor debates from the gallery or via online resources like CalChannel.  Unfortunately, for the deaf and hard of hearing constituents closed-captioning resources have not been available as such struggles has been ongoing for almost 15 years.

The Florida Channel that provides coverage of the Florida State Legislature commenced closed captioning in 2005 and extended the closed captioning services online in 2012.

The Indiana legislature provides closed captioning services for the deaf and hard of hearing audience.

In 2001, then-Assemblyman Bob Pacheco (R-Walnut) introduced AB 772 and again in 2005, then-Assemblyman Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) introduced AB 181 to remedy that requires closed-captioning to be provided during Assembly floor sessions for the deaf and hard of hearing audience, but both bills died due to lack of hearing on the proposal.

Recently, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) inquired as to why there is a lack of closed captioning services during the Assembly floor sessions and committee hearings.

The Assembly Rules Committee Chief Administrative Officer, Debra Gravert, responded via correspondence to Assemblywoman Gonzalez’s inquiry, “In years past, it has been determined that, as much as we would like to serve the hearing impaired community, hiring a captioning service to “live caption” our televised sessions and committees would be extremely cost prohibitive.”

Gravert further explains that, “It is to my understanding that as a government entity we are exempt from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements regarding closed captioning, according to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations Title 47, Chapter 1, Subchapter C, Part 79.1, section e, paragraph (9).  There are some other exemptions that may apply as well.”

However, Gravert explains that, “Assembly Rules Committee is able to make arrangements for sign language interpreters if a Member is requesting that assistance.”

Assemblywoman Gonzalez’s Legislative and Office Assistant Laurel Brodzinsky says, “We will continue to look into ways in which we can serve our hearing impaired constituents, although this difficult matter make take some time.”

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Elan Carr Announces Candidacy for County Supervisor

imageLos Angeles County Prosecutor Elan Carr announces his candidacy for Los Angeles County Supervisor in the 5th District that covers the Antelope Valley down to portions of the San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena and northern San Gabriel Valley communities.

In 2014, Carr ran for Congress in the 33rd District lost to Democrat candidate Ted Lieu.

The Carr campaign released the first YouTube campaign message about Elan Carr’s plan for public safety entitled “Opportunities”:

Furthermore, The Carr campaign released the following statement:

Criminal gang prosecutor and Iraq war veteran Elan Carr announced this morning his candidacy for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, 5th district.

Last year Elan ran a competitive bid for the Congressional seat vacated by Rep. Henry Waxman (CA-33), finishing first in an 18-way primary contest and besting some of LA’s biggest names in politics. With violent crime on the rise in LA County for the first time in more than a decade, Carr doubled-down on his public safety agenda by focusing on crime prevention, fixing our education system, and strengthening our local economy.

Elan Carr stated, “Crime is on the rise in Los Angeles County. As a criminal gang prosecutor, I see first-hand how rising crime affects our community. We need to do a better job of getting violent criminals off our streets and keeping kids out of crime in the first place. That’s why I’m running for County Supervisor.”

“I’m proud of my record as a prosecutor, but I know that the only real justice is stopping these crimes before they start. That’s why we must invest in our children’s education, provide law enforcement with the modern tools they need to fight crime, stand up for victims of domestic violence, and strengthen our local economy so that everyone has the opportunity to succeed,” concluded Carr.

Carr’s Chief Strategist, John Thomas, added, “As a criminal gang prosecutor and an Iraq war veteran, Elan’s public safety record is unmatched. This race will be a referendum on the future of public safety in LA County. The Carr Campaign looks forward to spreading his message of taking care of kids, expanding economic opportunity, and keeping families safe.”

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Irvine Council Stalls Business License Tax Elimination

CityofIrvineThe Irvine City Council took up Item 5.1 by Councilman Jeff Lalloway to consider the elimination of the business license tax.

Currently, the $51 business license tax is imposed on all big and small businesses in the City of Irvine.

In a memo to Irvine City Manager, Councilman Lalloway says, “In an effort to make Irvine an even friendlier place to do business and to eliminate a wasteful and inefficient regressive tax on businesses, I am proposing that we terminate the city’s business license program.”

Councilman Lalloway makes the point that the tax is imposed on large businesses like Allegran or Broadcom, but it also must be paid for by small and home-based businesses as well.

According to Councilman Lalloway the city of Irvine has collected $951,879 from businesses on the tax and in turn spends $604,920 to administer the program.

The Irvine City Council voted 3-1 to continue the discussion of the business license tax elimination for the next 30 days, Councilman Lalloway was the lone vote against the motion.  Councilwoman Lynn Schott was absent.

Irvine Finance Commissioner Allan Bartlett posted his concerns via Facebook:  “Very disappointed in our Mayor tonight. We couldn’t even muster the votes to eliminate a small $51 business tax in Irvine.”

Councilman Lalloway says that he hopes to return to the residents $1 million in completely unnecessary taxes in a wasteful program.

However, the program does have defenders such as Irvine Planning Commissioner Anthony Kuo who says, “At the end of the day, this will be discussed again at another time. I’m in support of keeping the program, and exploring the costs associated.”

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La Habra Councilman: I’m Running for State Senate

TimShawLa Habra Councilman Tim Shaw announces today his candidacy for State Senator in the 29th Senate District currently being held by Senator Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar):

I am proud to announce I have created a campaign committee to run for California State Senate in 2016.

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff has served us honorably in Sacramento since 2004 and I look forward to continuing his legacy of leadership as he leaves office. As a longtime resident of La Habra, husband and father of four boys, I proudly call the 29th Senate District my home.
I was first elected to the La Habra City Council in 2008 and again in 2012 when I served as Mayor. I am dedicated to public service and improving the lives of our residents. Having served as District Director for State Senator Bob Huff since 2008, I have the insight as to what is required of a State Senator, and a unique understanding of state policy and the 29th district.  
As a La Habra City Councilmember and an Orange County Transportation Authority Board Member, I have fought for responsible government, and worked with my colleagues to move toward a balanced budget and improve public services for everyone.

Some of my many accomplishments include pension reform, bond rating improvements, and infrastructure and transportation enhancements.

In the State Senate, I will fight to reform our public education system to empower parents, work to implement a business friendly climate to bring jobs to our district, make public safety a top priority, and simplify our tax and regulatory policies to relieve every Californian from the burden of Sacramento bureaucrats. Most importantly I will be a legislator with the strong ethical and moral values our district deserves.

The 29th state Senate District covers three counties:  Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino with diverse communities from Walnut and West Covina to the north and dips down south to Cypress, La Palma and Stanton.

The Secretary of State’s office reports of party registration (as of October 20, 2014) for the 29th state Senate District is as follows:

Republicans                      159,645  37.4%

Democrats                        144,903  33.9%

No Party Preference           104,186  24.4%

All indications are that this seat is a toss-up as the dynamics could change with more candidates entering the race.

Senate District 29 Map


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